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Installing and setting up HyperLobby
« on: June 19, 2016, 06:34:10 PM »
HyperLobby (or just HL) is an online gaming lobby primarily designed to support online flight simulation and other online games.

We use it to connect to our server.
Here is the HOW TO:

1. Download HyperLobby.

2. Install HyperLobby.

3. Start "HyperLobby client".

4. Select "IL-2 Sturmovik 1946" in the upper right section.

5. Write in the section "Callsign:" your nickname you want others to see.
  - and in the section "Password:" your password.
  - (Select both boxes next to "Callsign/Password" to remember your login.)
  - Now select the "Connect" button.

6. In the "chat window" you will see the the "user account wizard"
  - Please follow these steps to verify and activate their username.
  - On the left side you now see all the available servers.

7. Search for "DutchArcade", and do a right mouse click on it and select the "Add to friend list" option.
  - In the bottom right corner you will see "H DutchArcade", click on it and select "Join player game".

 * Congratulations, your game will now start and you will join the DutchArcade Server!*
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