** RULES **

Vulching with guns, rockets and bombs IS ALLOWED !!
Before you land or take off, take a good look around you if there is no enemy plane around trying to vulch you.
Even though vulching is allowed, pilots who do nothing else then vulch will be warned then kicked.
Keep vulching nice and be a gentleman.

Kill stealing is NOT ALLOWED !!
If a plane is visible hit by another pilot, like leaking fuel or/and oil, has holes in it's wing or fuselage etc.
Please leave it until the other pilot dies or reflies.

Shooting friendly aircraft and/or target is NOT ALLOWED !!

If someone breaks the rules, they will be kicked !!!

Destroy enemy aircraft !

Destroy enemy ground targets !

Destroy enemy bombers !

But most of all... Enjoy flying on our server !

Welcome to DutchArcade.com


Most maps have enemy AI planes, ships, trucks, trains and tanks.

Most of them are marked as targets.

On all maps "RRR" (Rearm, Refuel and Repair) is enabled.

Feel free to join the game !
Provided by SaltyDogg & RandomTox


Game information.
Oleg Maddox's world famous IL-2 Sturmovik™ series of flight simulators continues to expand.

IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946, adds 36 new planes, four new gigantic maps, over a hundred new ground objects, and nearly 200 new campaign missions.

This opus also includes all of the previous Il-2 series content. What years ago began as a one-aircraft study sim is now an astonishing anthology, with a whopping 229 flyable aircraft and over 300 aircraft total!

Server Info

Currently Running:

  • 4.13.2m Dedicated Server
  • Up 3.0RC4 with Patch Pack 107

  • Targets:

  • AI planes, ships, trucks, trains and tanks

  • Rules:

  • Vulching with guns, rockets and bombs is ALLOWED !!
  • Kill stealing is NOT ALLOWED !!

  • Server Admins

  • bjk_ger
  • OFFC_001
  • RandomTox (owner)
  • SaltyDogg (owner)
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